Bilingual Integration for Spanish Speaking Employees

Providing translation and training of federal and state statues, as well as company policies in Spanish can protect your business against costly legal fees, accidents, discrimination, and harassment claims.

As recent census data indicates, there is a dramatic increase in the number of Spanish-speaking immigrants in the United States. These immigrants are filling jobs in just about every industry. However, their significant growth in the workforce presents serious challenges for a company which forces them to take a bilingual approach.

Language Differences
Obviously the biggest communication obstacle for Spanish-speaking employees is the issue of language. Many immigrants who come to the U.S. for entry-level speak little or no English. Tackling the English language is a huge hurdle for them.

Employers Must Train Employees in Language Employees Understand
When employment laws and company and safety guidelines aren’t properly communicated in a language employees can understand, the result can translate into accidents and legal issues. All those factors can affect a company’s bottom line. Companies with Spanish-speaking employees with limited English vocabulary have at their disposal Spanish-speaking HR consultants at myHRhelp. We are capable of handling employee related matters and can provide training in various employment and safety matters to Spanish-speaking employees. After all, what good is an employee handbook or a safety manual that is not fully understood by Spanish-speaking workers?

Our bilingual consultants can interface with your Spanish-speaking employees by providing the following services:

  • Onboarding and new hire orientation
  • Record keeping
  • Developing federal and state mandated guidelines
  • Safety, harassment and diversity training
  • Navigating cultural issues and challenges
  • Assisting with employee relations matters
  • Terminations