International HR

Compliance with local and international laws is paramount to running a successful multinational business.

International HR Administration is a detail-oriented and time sensitive process that requires a great deal of attention. To avoid costly mistakes it is important that companies requiring the recruitment and relocation of foreign national into the US or relocation of US employees abroad, are given access to experienced international HR consultants that will make sure the proper procedures are followed.

MyHRhelp works with experienced local and international HR recruiting specialists, benefits brokers, relocation consultants and immigration attorneys to facilitate all procedures for transferees and their families. We will manage the entire lifespan of the employee process. And for transferees relocating to the US, we will collect and file the information required for visas, work permits, passports and more. We will also monitor the application process as needed to ensure that there are no surprises for transferees upon arrival in the US or from international destinations.

We provide international HR support in the following areas:

  • Immigration
  • Relocation Administration
  • Domestic and International Relocation Guidelines
  • Recruiting